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"Midnight Sapphire Elegance Ring

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SKU: 0018658422
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This Sterling Silver Blue Sapphire Ring with Cubic Zirconia Halo is a classic piece with a modern twist. At its core sits a beautifully rectangular-cut blue sapphire, its deep blue hues reminiscent of the midnight sky, providing a stunning contrast to the bright sparkle of the cubic zirconia halo that surrounds it.

Key Features of the Hani Collection's

  1. Center Stone: Features a captivating rectangular-cut blue sapphire, known for its depth of color and durability.
  2. Metal: Crafted in high-polish sterling silver, offering strength and a mirror-like finish that enhances the gemstone's color.
  3. Accent Detailing: Encircled by a halo of cubic zirconia, adding a touch of sparkle and visual interest to the central sapphire.
  4. Band Design: The ring sports a split shank band that intertwines gracefully, giving the piece a modern and stylish look.
  5. Setting: The sapphire is securely set with a full bezel setting, protecting the edges of the gemstone and ensuring a smooth profile."Midnight Sapphire Elegance Rin