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Exploring the Enchantment of Minimal Vintage Aesthetics: Bridgerton-Inspired Jewellery

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The swoon-worthy period drama of all time - Bridgerton, has been captivating the hearts of viewers all over the world. With a scintillating Season 3 premier, and 4 more episodes to burn for, the Bridgerton fever is back - we expect to see after-effects of this highly anticipated series in inspired, vintage fashion looks that rock the regal realm.

Fans of the ton, here’s your scoop on Bridgerton-inspired jewellery trends.


The Regency era of the United Kingdom has had a pathbreaking influence on the world of fashion. Many have taken the charismatic style of this historical period, adding a contemporary twist to it - creating what we fondly call the ‘Regencycore’. The Recencycore has been gaining momentum since the launch of the first season of the Bridgerton series. Couture houses, luxury brands, and almost every other fan of the romantic drama has gone on to dream up a Bridgerton-inspired look.

Bridgerton screams royalty, social status and wealth.  The extravagant gowns and jewellery adorned by our favourite characters in their ballrooms, are all a powerful symbol of their standing in society. The more luxurious the jewellery, the more wealthy their stature. More than being adornments, the jewels in Bridgerton play a vital role in defining a character’s fine taste and imperial countenance. ‘Lady-like’ was exhibited as jewels and gowns that attracted attention from the members of the ton. The gowns glowed and swayed, but the jewellery repertoire was often minimal and dainty - something every woman who ever watched Bridgerton craved to add to her stockpile of precious trinkets. 

While a royal budget is not everybody’s privilege, let’s look at some Bridgerton-inspired jewellery pieces that will rock your Georgian game on a townsman (or townswoman!) budget.

Whether you’re aspiring to look like Daphne, Kate, Penelope, Eloise, or Lady Danbury - we have a little bit of vintage sparkle for all our ladies.


Diamonds reign supreme in the world of Bridgerton fashion. From delicate decoration to statement tiaras that exhibit royal lineage, diamonds in the vintage era were a show and tell of feminine beauty & status. Diamond rings were rarely witnessed as ballroom accessories, since it was only the betrothed that wore this privilege. However earrings, tiaras and necklaces laced with intricately woven diamonds were all the buzz!

With’s lab-grown diamonds, add a touch of the Bridgerton ballroom charm to your look. As Queen Charlotte once said - “A diamond is precious precisely because it is rare.” 


A far cry from the overplayed statement pieces of the present day, the Regal era was all about keeping it simple and minimal. Jewellery spoke as a metaphor for modesty, purity, class and good taste. As a teasing decoration that caught the light streaming through majestic chandeliers, drop earrings had a big moment in the Regal Age. Duchesses and princesses adorned their genteel ears with cherished family heirlooms, flaunting them at galas, parties and balls.

The Bridgerton cast took their ear drop paraphernalia very seriously - we see Daphne, Penelope and even Lady Danbury make them fashionable in both Season 1 & 2.

Explore some of our favourite vintage ear drops and rock the regal aesthetic.


Jewels from the Georgian Era were bright, vibrant and colourful. They were an exaggeration of all things royal, all things deserving a spot on the next ballroom invitation. And yet, they were a conspicuous show of modesty, modestly carried. Petite, dainty necklaces on dainty collar bones were a rage of the times.

The Bridgerton series undoubtedly flaunted an array of endearing, modest jewellery across its years - colourfully adorned with stones or etched in an all-gold pattern.

If you feel inspired by Daphne’s iconic style or the young Queen Charlotte’s fashionable poise, these pieces are sure to take you on a time-travel back to the days when modesty made a bold statement.


The beautiful maidens of Bridgerton are seen ‘promemading’ in the parks of their castles, as they flaunt their floral dresses, charming headpieces and jewellery inspired by nature. Just as floral jewellery is doing the rounds across the runways of the world this time of the year, the Regency Era also saw jewellers take shelter in the colourful and vibrant world of floral blooms.

Flowers were not just hair accessories but statements of one’s personal style carrying a deeper emotion - friendship, love, respect or honour - they impersonified a woman’s softer side.

Soak in the nectar of this flower power trend that is here to stay!


The jewellery in Bridgerton demands to be a character in itself. Metaphorically, it contributes largely to the drama’s plotlines - be it in the hopeless romantics of every season or the drama behind their coming together. As the characters evolve in their social and marital status, so does their beckoning of fashion and jewellery. With every brilliant season, we see the women of Bridgerton take on their parents, partners & peers; we see them take on the world - continuing to do so gracefully and oh-so-fashionably!