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The Secret Sauce Behind a Diamond at

Have you ever wondered what makes our diamonds at sparkle so magnificently? It's all in the cut – the unsung hero of a diamond's brilliance. Unlike what many think, the cut isn't about the diamond's shape. It's a masterful art of how the diamond's facets play with light, creating that sparkle we all love and need.

In the hands of our skilled diamantaires, each diamond is sculpted with precision, ensuring every facet aligns perfectly to reflect the light. This meticulous cutting process is what gives our diamonds their superior symmetry, proportion, and polish, leading to a higher cut grade. It's not just a process; it's our commitment to bringing you diamonds that don't just shine, but tell a story of craftsmanship and beauty.

The Cut

The cut of a diamond is what gives it its sparkle. It's not just about the shape of the diamond, but how well its surfaces, or 'facets', are angled and polished. A well-cut diamond will catch the light beautifully, making it shine brightly. If the cut is done right, the diamond will have a balanced and bright appearance. Think of it as the diamond's way of playing with light: the better the cut, the more it sparkles. This is why the cut is so important – it's what makes a diamond truly stand out.

Understanding Diamond Carat Weight

The term 'carat' in diamonds refers to their weight. Think of it like the weight of a rhino; it tells you how heavy they are is but not how big it looks. Different shapes of diamonds can make them appear larger or smaller, even if they weigh the same. Remember, a bigger carat number means a heavier diamond, but it's not the only thing that matters. The diamond's overall beauty also depends on other qualities like its cut, colour, and clarity. So, a diamond's carat weight is just one part of what makes it special.

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The clarity of lab grown diamonds

Clarity in diamonds is all about the little marks or 'inclusions' inside them these inclusions can vary. Some diamonds have more of these tiny marks, while others have fewer. Clarity is a way of describing how clear a diamond is from these natural characteristics. The fewer the inclusions, the clearer the diamond, and the more it sparkles. However, many of these marks are so small that you can't see them without magnification. In essence, clarity is a measure of how flawless a diamond is, contributing to its overall beauty and rarity.’s Clarity Grading

At, our Lab Grown Diamonds boast VVS and VS clarity, setting a standard for exceptional transparency and brilliance. Falling within the ‘Very, Very Slightly’ included to ‘Very Slightly’ included range, these diamonds exhibit minimal imperfections visible only under high magnification. This high level of clarity ensures a breathtaking sparkle and brilliance, allowing light to travel unobstructed through the stone.’s Color Grading

Falling under the F and G colour range,'s Lab Grown Diamonds. The F and G range strikes the perfect icy brilliance, making them ideal for those who appreciate refined, timeless elegance in their jewellery.