Our prices

At crash.club, we believe in transparent and fair pricing for extraordinary beauty. Our Lab Grown Diamonds start at an attractive price of Rs. 9,999*. Why this pricing? Each diamond is cultivated to perfection, meeting our stringent standards for cut, clarity, and colour. As the carat size increases, so does the value, reflecting the care that goes into each stone.

But the journey of creating your dream piece doesn't end there. If you choose a piece of crash.club jewellery, the total cost includes everything. Yes! That means gold, diamonds, gemstones (if any), shipping/insurance and taxes. It's not just about buying a diamond; it's about crafting a personal statement, a piece that resonates with your style and values.

So, step into the world of crash.club, where luxury meets fairness, and every diamond tells a story of beauty, precision, and individuality.

Path to Diamond Upgrades at crash.club

At crash.club, we understand that the value of a Lab Grown Diamonds is not just in its current beauty but also in its future potential. Our unique upgrade policy is designed with this in mind. When you're ready to elevate your diamond, we offer you the full value of it at the prevailing days rates. Plus, to qualify for an upgrade, you only need to choose a new diamond that's 50% more in value than the piece offered.

We pride ourselves on our sustainable pricing model. With crash.club, you're not just purchasing a diamond; you're investing in a piece that grows with time.