1. Promotion period May 1st, 2024, till May 15th, 2024.
  2. Name: "Discount cum Savings Sale" Akshaya Tritiya.
  3. Discounts of 5% on gold jewellery, silverware, silver jewellery by Crash Club, Mettle Collection™ lab grown diamond jewellery by Crash Club, 18.69% on signature pieces. All discounts are to be mandatorily ploughed into Signature Rate Protection PlanTMmaturing in April 2025.
  4. No cash will be returned under any circumstances.
  5. All discounts must mandatorily be invested into ONE Signature Rate Protection PlanTM.
  6. If transfer to Signature Rate Protection PlanTMis not acceptable to clients, normal prices apply without discounts.
  7. Coins, bullion, and diamond solitaires over 0.99ct each, are exempted from discounts, and under the Signature Rate Protection PlanTM.
  8. Jewellery with solitaire > 0.99ct to eliminate solitaire and the remaining item will receive a discount as applicable.
  9. The promotion applies to ready sales billed before 15thMay 2024, New Orders/Selected Orders/New IBs provided they are billed before 15th June 2024Order advance to be a minimum of 30%. Although VVision will apply to new orders taken during this period, sales teams to ensure a discount is not given post 15th June 2024, which will be invested into our Signature Rate Protection PlanTM and will be eligible for all benefits normally available under the Signature Rate Protection PlanTM. Normal terms of our Signature Rate Protection PlanTM, and order terms apply.
  10. As a client you may wish to invest the discounted amount into one-time payment or monthly instalments (in case of monthly installment, the first month installment of the discounted amount will be paid by us on your behalf and the remaining 10 months installment to be paid by the client).
  11. Increased benefits of 12% pa(from the current 10% to 11% pa) under your Signature Rate Protection Plans™ only till 15th May 2024.
  12. 12% pabenefit for all on-time instalments paid under Signature Rate Protection Plans™ to continue.
  13. 12% pa X 2 benefit (double benefit as currently) for ONE on-time instalments paid on birthday month under Signature Rate Protection Plans™.
  14. Travel the World promotion eligible for all clients on purchases over Rs 10 lakhs per bill, chosen automatically (no need to fill forms, but full address and email are mandatory. Without full name and address and email will not be eligible) on all bills made between 1st Dec 2023 and 31st Dec 2024. The travel date will be in 2025. Terms and conditions apply separately.
  15. Special diamond products (even lower values – specially selected randomly by management) will be with special discounts of up to 18.69%. Promotion value to be ploughed into Signature Rate Protection PlanTM, maturing in April 2025.
  16. LOS points can be redeemed along with this promotion.
  17. Two promotions may not be clubbed together.
  18. Discount Vouchers, Daily Discount Voucher or Others may not be clubbed with this programme.
  19. My Day discounts may not be clubbed with this programme.
  20. Pre-loved jewellery excluded from this promotion vV will apply automatically but the user must remove it manually. No discounts for Pre-Loved.
  21. Paper-Gold and Paper-Silver are excluded from this promotion.
  22. Splitting of amounts of discount, however large or small, is not allowed. Clients may open other new and Independent monthly instalment plans at any time without purchase during this promotion too.
  23. Exact amount to the last rupee of the discount amount is invested into plans. One Signature Rate Protection PlanTMfor each Bill not one Signature Rate Protection PlanTM per item, ensure to enter the bill number in RPP.
  24. Earlier sales will not be accepted as sales returns to avail of this promotion now, under any circumstances. Any purchase of earlier sold items will be subject to usual buyback rules of loss of wastage, labour, gemstones etc.
  25. PAN card or Form 60 is required as usual for transactions of and over Rs 2 lakhs. 
  26. Earlier Orders may not be cancelled, taken back, or billed later. Any cancellation request must entail costs such as cancellation charges, labour, wastage, and no discounts to the client.
  27. In case of sales returns, Signature Rate Protection PlanTMshall be cancelled, and the amount forfeited. Hence ensure to enter the bill number into all Signature Rate Protection PlanTM at the time of enrolment in this promotion.
  28. The decision of C. Krishniah Chetty will be final and binding in any case.

Subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Bengaluru.