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Half Moon Cut 0.36 Carat Diamond Neckchain

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The diamond dangle neck chain with a rhino dangle pendant in a rose gold finish is a gracefully crafted and captivating jewelry item that harmoniously combines the beauty of diamonds with a creative and symbolic rhino design.

The pendant and chain are typically made from rose gold, which imparts a warm and romantic hue to the piece, enhancing its allure.

Description Details
Product Gross Weight 9.490 Grams
Metal Purity 18 Karat Gold
Metal Colour Rose Gold
Metal Weight 9.418 Grams
Diamond Carat (Weight) 0.360 Carat
Diamond Colour EF
Diamond Cut Half Moon
Diamond Clarity VVS
No Of Diamond Stones 1 Nos
Length 16 Inches


Key Features Of Our Laboratory Grown Diamonds

  1. Rose Gold : The necklace is crafted in rose gold, which is a warm and inviting metal that complements the design beautifully.

  2. Dangle Pendant: The primary feature of this necklace is the dangle pendant in the shape of a rhino. The pendant freely hangs from the chain, creating movement and a dynamic appearance as it sways.

  3. Rhino Design: The rhino design adds a unique and meaningful element to the necklace. Rhinos can symbolize strength, endurance, and the importance of wildlife conservation, making it a distinctive and thoughtful choice.

  4. Diamond : The pendant is often adorned with diamonds to enhance its beauty and brilliance. These diamonds can be thoughtfully placed to highlight the details of the rhino or create a dazzling effect as the pendant moves.

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