"Enchanting Rhino: Lab Grown Diamond Ring | SKU: 0019472706
"Enchanting Rhino: Lab Grown Diamond Ring | SKU: 0019472706
"Enchanting Rhino: Lab Grown Diamond Ring | SKU: 0019472706

"Enchanting Rhino: Lab Grown Diamond Ring

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SKU: 0019472706


Gold Purity :

Gold Purity


Presenting our stunning Diamond Ring with a Rhino Engraving —an exquisite piece of jewelry that seamlessly melds the diamonds with a distinctive and meaningful design.

This ring features a meticulously engraved rhinoceros (rhino) motif, highlighted in the middle, creating a unique and symbolic accessory.

Description Details
Product Gross Weight 2.560 Grams
Metal Purity 18 Karat Gold
Metal Colour Rose Gold
Metal Weight 2.456 Grams
Diamond Carat (Weight) 0.52 Carat
Diamond Colour FG 
Diamond Cut Round Brillant
Diamond Clarity VVS-VS 
No Of Diamond Stones 2 Nos
Size 10


Key Features Of Our Laboratory Grown Diamonds

  1. Unique Rhinoceros Motif: This ring boasts a meticulously engraved rhino motif, showcasing attention to detail and craftsmanship. The rhino design is not only visually striking but also carries a meaningful message, making it a symbol of strength and conservation.

  2. Rhino: The rhino engraving is brought to life with a vibrant  enamel, adding a pop of color to the ring. This r symbolizes passion and love, making it an exquisite choice for those who appreciate both design and significance.

  3. Symbolic Meaning: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the rhino motif on the ring carries a symbolic meaning. Rhinos are often associated with strength, resilience, and the need for conservation, making this piece a conversation starter and a statement of values.

  4. Thoughtful Gift: This diamond ring with a rhino engraving in red makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift. It can be given to a loved one who shares your passion for conservation or to commemorate a special occasion.

  5. Ethical Consideration: For those who are conscious about ethical sourcing and responsible jewelry, this ring can be made with ethical and sustainable materials, reflecting a commitment to both style and environmental responsible.