Spectrum Sparkle Sterling Silver Band | SKU: 0018686388

Spectrum Sparkle Sterling Silver Band

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SKU: 0018686388



Indulge in the vibrant allure of the "Multicolor Gemstone Elegance Ring," a masterpiece of jewelry design that celebrates color and sophistication. This exquisite ring features a captivating array of gemstones, each one chosen for its unique hue and brilliance. From the soft blush of pink to the warm glow of amber and the deep richness of smoky tones, this ring is a kaleidoscope of color set against the luster of a sterling silver band.

Key Features of the Hani Collection's

  1. Sterling Silver Base: The ring is crafted with a premium sterling silver band, offering durability and a classic metallic sheen.
  2. Multicolored Gemstones: Set with a series of multicolored gemstones, each stone adds a unique pop of color and individual character to the ring.
  3. Clear Crystal Accents: The band is lined with clear crystals, providing a brilliant contrast to the colored gemstones and enhancing the ring's sparkle.
  4. Bar Setting: Gemstones are securely held in a bar setting, which not only protects each stone but also adds a modern geometric aesthetic.