Silver jewellery fashion trends

Hottest Silver Jewellery Trends of 2024: What’s in Vogue?

Cool tones are uber-cool again

Experimental seems to be the new traditional. In recent years, the biography of silver jewellery has been anything but linear, progressing from the safe to the sensational. The traditional silhouettes of our adolescent years - those simple snake chains, charm bracelets, basic hoops and chunky rings - have made headway into something out of the ordinary. Much like ardent museum curators, contemporary jewellery designers are finding new and intriguing territory, devising silver jewellery trends that are art-gallery-worthy. Silver’s kaleidoscopic potential in the hands of the postmodern designer has brought sculptural design, abstract or asymmetric silhouettes and a fluidity of character to the metal’s foray.

We’re spilling the fashion tea on silver’s sleek shine this season. Looking for inspiration from street-style design and runway collections, we’re rounding up 2024’s renaissance for silver tones.

Silver on the red carpet

2023 was the year that oozed with silver-toned luxury, set in the backdrop of high-jewellery pieces swathed with diamonds. The Cannes Film Festival as well as the Oscars, saw celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Elle Fanning, Michelle Yeoh and others pair their cool-toned jewellery with fishtail gowns, flowy silhouettes and pastel palettes.

As the new year embarked, there was no sign of the silver trend abating. Tennis necklaces, floral pendants, bulbous studs, bite-sized huggies and biker bracelets were set wild on an already steroidal silver drift.

At the Golden Globes and the Emmy Awards in January, white gold with cascading diamonds took hold of the fashion lenses, displaying the wider zeitgeist for elevated yet understated luxury. Cool was creeping in, and into every extravagant fashion stage of the year.

Ready-to-wear silver jewellery collections by Saint Laurent saw stacked silver cuffs and oversized skinny silver hoop earrings on glamorous uber-corporate skirt suits. Models at Tory Burch wore titanic safety pins dangling from their ears. Bottega Veneta styled their models in barb-wire silver chokers and ovoid silver earrings. The vibe was laid-back 90’s cool; like those sweet memories of the Backstreet Boys singing ‘As long as you love me’ in their silver hardware.

2024 Silver Trends in a Nutshell
  • Minimal is Magnum

Clean lines and architectural accents are running the prime time on minimal silver jewellery trends this season. The lustre and gunmetal tint of the metal are in highlight, forgoing elaborate embellishments in favour of polished finishes and artisanal design. The showstoppers include silver bands, geometric hoops, tonal chains and charm necklaces. The key to styling minimal silver jewellery pieces is to allow the character of the metal to speak for itself, without being overpowering.

  • Ethical & Sustainable

Gen Z’s approach to jewellery reflects a broader societal shift in fashion. The silver trends of today are not just about aesthetics but about a deeper narrative for environmental responsibility and ethical consumerism. A premise on which was built and continues to stand on. Silver jewellery has the potential to align to this revival without compromise on style, design and quality.

  • In Tune with Nature

Flower power and animal maximal have captured the zeitgeist of the 2024 runways. Botanical and foresty accents in silver jewellery are flocking to the streets. Large floral chokers, florid ear drops and sea creatures on brooches and belts are making a refreshing comeback into downtown fashion as well as urban luxury. A breath of fresh air beckons the 2024 silver enthusiast to fall into tune with nature and the art it inspires.

  • Today’s Rebellion, Tomorrow’s Future

In an age where conformism is met with scepticism, fashion has gone on to become an expression of rebellion - experimental jewellery & exploratory silhouettes are all the rage. With the return of silver jewellery, affordability and accessibility are back in vogue. Affordable luxury is the new cool.

The Silver Lining

The year so far for jewellery fashion has been fascinating; fashion, technology and community values have come together to usher in a new wave of conscious (and ever-stylish!) consumers. A desire to wear jewellery as a medium for individuality and self-expression is at its powerful best.

Much like the inherent character of silver, our voguish metal of the year.

As Sophie Howard, Founder of By Pariah quips, “Silver doesn’t pretend to be anything else… It proudly embraces its own unique character and charm.”. Silver maintains an uncomplicated stance, feeling modern and relevant. It is a nonchalant metal that can never be accused of being too much or too little, but hitting the perfect balance every single time!