Lab-grown diamonds: Redefining luxury with sustainable brilliance

Lab-grown Diamonds - The Future is here, are you?

A New Era. A New Narrative. A New Shine

They say that change is the only thing that's constant. It is one of those inevitable aspects that we must learn to embrace as time passes by. Coming from a legacy of more than 150 years, we can proudly say that change is indeed sweet.

To change is to look ahead. To change is to expand your horizons. To change is to go back to the drawing board. We looked ahead, we expanded our horizons, we went back to the drawing board and finally we decided to enter the lab.

Why the lab you ask?

The answer is quite simple, to change is also to listen. We listened to what the world was saying. When we lent our ears, we understood that there was a paradigm shift in motion. The narrative of natural diamonds was being rewritten by the imperial arrival of their lab-grown counterparts. A change of perception and a change that was the need of the hour.

As Bob Dylan once sang - ‘The Times They Are A-Changin’. To change with these changing times, we entered the lab and created a new era in the art of shine.

An era supporting the latest narrative. An era of embracing the power of science. An era of redefining radiance. An era of lab-grown diamonds.

Why grow it in the lab you ask?

We know how much you love your nature-grown diamonds and don't take us wrong, we love them too.

We decided to tread the lab route because we wanted to know what it feels like when mother earth gives birth to a diamond. We wanted to feel the way she felt when she brought her ethereal treasures to life.

So, we gave it a shot…

A diamond seed (highest grade carbon) was placed in our crucible of creation - a plasma reactor, where heat and pressure worked together for over two weeks, to nurture this seed into a dazzling one-carat diamond. The lines between art and science were somewhat blurry, as we created beauty from the atom up.

We wanted to innovate, blending the marvels of nature with the latest that technology has to offer to give birth to a diamond. One that is a fusion of cosmic wonder, progressive innovation and elegant craftsmanship. 

We’re not gonna lie, it felt amazing. For a brief moment in time, we felt like mother earth herself.

Now that we are treading the less-trodden path,  it's time you bask in a spectrum of splendour with our lab-grown diamonds.

Why choose lab-grown you ask?

Change is only as soon as the ‘Why’ that triggers it. It's time you understand why lab-grown is good for you, for society and for the planet.

A Spark of Purity

Unlike natural diamonds, you can ensure that you are spending your money on a near flawless gemstone every time you choose to take the lab-grown route.

Natural diamonds are prone to inherent flaws or defects due to their formation and mining, whereas a lab-grown diamond can be engineered to a flawless finish without exception.

Every piece of lab-grown jewellery you adorn yourself with guarantees a brighter-looking gemstone that sparks joy with every glimmer.

A Spark of Ethics

The biggest perks of choosing a lab-grown diamond are that they are ethically grown in the lab and sustainable.

The carbon footprint for creating a lab-grown diamond is very low and hence it doesn't take a toll on the environment. Furthermore lab-grown diamonds do not require large scale operations; a tiny seed diamond is sufficient to start the growing process.

Every lab-grown ornament you wear is clean. Born and processed happily in a lab.

A Spark of Sustainability

Lab-grown diamonds do not have any negative impact on the environment.

In today’s world where the growing awareness of climate change and environmental depletion has become a determining factor in our buying choices, it becomes even more important to innovate towards sustainability.

Every time you glow with a lab-grown diamond, the environment loves you a little bit more.

A Spark within Reach

Lab-grown diamonds are much more affordable and accessible than their natural counterparts. There is a lab-grown wonder for every buyer's budget.

Natural diamonds are a rarity since they are a finite resource - and one that is bound to deplete. This makes them harder to come by, especially in a pure and flawless form. This rarity makes them expensive and out of reach for many yearning buyers.

Lab-grown diamonds as the name suggests are created in labs, and hence come in infinite supply at prices that are much more affordable.

Be sure to adorn yourself with a bigger and brighter diamond everytime you take the lab-grown route.

A Spark of Colour

Lab-grown diamonds come in an array of splendid colours.

Coloured diamonds found in nature are rare to find and expensive to own. On the contrary, lab-grown diamonds can be made in various colours, leaving more room for you to be creative or experimental while you shop.

With lab-grown diamonds, it’s any colour you like.

Now that we have brushed upon the various perks of lab-grown diamonds, let us brace ourselves and address the elephant in the room.

Are they real you ask?

Well, the answer to that question was, is and will forever be - YESSS!

They are as real as the diamonds that are mined from nature. The only difference is that one is grown in the lab in a short period of time, while the other is mined out of the earth and takes millions (or billions!) of years to form. That fact aside, lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds have nearly identical physical and chemical properties.

Natural diamonds are formed in the earth with immense pressure put on them from the earth’s crust. In the case of lab-grown diamonds, scientists use processes like high pressure temperature or chemical vapour deposition to imitate this pressure and form diamonds.

Conclusively, both are as carbon as carbon can get.

Phew, now that was a long read! If we made you feel drowsy, all you need is one good look at our collection of lab-grown wonders and your aspirations come fleeting back on the racing track.

Here’s inviting you to join us on this future-forward journey of beautiful & sustainable jewellery. One where cutting-edge technology and consumer needs converge to redefine the market for diamonds. Where the best in gemology and technology amalgamate to set the stage for a sparkling revolution.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to the new narrative. Welcome to the new era. 

Crash in and shine with a purpose!